Mercuryo Crypto — Amount Off Limits

Brigitte Danissa
2 min readApr 26, 2021

Mercuryo Crypto — Via ByBit

We use Bybit Exchange to trade in BTC and ETH and decided to try out Mercuryo. Bybit promoted them on their Fiat Currency page so we decided to give them a try.

We transferred EUR. 500 to Mercuryo and EUR. 500 to MoonPay to buy Crypto and have the Crypto added to our ByBit wallet. We made the payment to both Mercuryo and MoonPay at the same time.

We received the Crypto from MoonPay within 15 minutes in our ByBit wallet. With Mercuryo it seemed to be a whole different experience. They did not send Crypto to our ByBit wallet, they send the Crypto to their own platform.

We are now, for 6 straight days, are trying to get our Crypto of their platform. Their helpdesk is a nightmare. They only answer with copy paste standard sentences and communication with their customers is far from professional.

So what is the issue ? The issue is that we cannot transfer our Crypto to another external wallet. We keep getting the message “Amount Off Limits”. Mercuryo is telling is we need to keep in mind that there are miners fees but we know that is not the issue. If we have EUR. 500 worth of Crypto and we cannot even transfer any amount between EUR 50 and EUR 350 we know the problem is not miners fees. The problem is their platform.

Another thing we noted is that on Trust Pilot they keep getting 5 star reviews from fake accounts (manipulation or covering scam practices ?). Please, please, please.. Be careful and stay away from Mercuryo Crypto. We think MoonPay is a better alternative and besides MoonPay you have several other (and cheaper) ways to move your Crypto around.